February 14, 2011

Christmas Loot (just two months late)

(I know it is February, but I figure we should recap Christmas!)

I was a total bum Christmas break and shopped all day and stayed home all night. 

So what did I get from my Wish List? 

Bakerellas Cake Pop book that will go great with...

A Cuisinart mixer!  Let me just mention that I begged and begged for a KitchenAid but my Mom did a little research and concluded that the Cuisinart would be better. (I love it and think it is better than the Kitchen Aid.) It has 800 watts, much higher than KitchenAid (I am notorious for killing mixers). And I loveee the fifteen minute countdown (really handy for marshmallows).  I was surprised beyond surprised when I opened it. I've wanted a mixer for some time but I assumed I would get one when I was done with college. 

Vera Bradley duffles, small and large :), 

Lauren Conrad's Style book, Lilly Pulitzer Mckims in Tortoise (let's face it, you can never have too many!), jewelry and Longchamp accessories to name a handful. 

I hope ya'll had a merry Christmas and enjoyed the time with family and loved ones.



  1. yay for blogging again! great christmas loot! the countdown timer looks very nifty!

  2. I love that Cake Pops book! I was just flipping through it in Williams Sonoma the other day!