October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

How cute are these Halloween votives?! I like the different take on carved pumpkins, but I think carving pumpkins is part of Halloween traditions. These would make a great addition to indoor decorations. I wish I had found them before Halloween night, so I could have made them! There's always next year!

Click here for a step-by-step guide.


October 29, 2010

Finally Friday!

I am so thankful it is the weekend! It has been a looooong week, but not a horrible week. I had a Nutrition and Disease exam Tuesday night and that was it!

So remember last week I mentioned going to a corn maze? Well I didn't. But tonight the college group at church is going! Someone mentioned that you need to go when the corn maze first opens because people are mean to the corn stalks. Hopefully the stalks aren't too damaged.

This weekend is huge for the Gators! It is known as the world's largest cocktail party. It is a huge rivalry. It is Florida-Georgia weekend! (Not to be confused with Georgia-Florida, because that doesn't exist!) This game likely determines our fate in the SEC. We still have a chance of taking the SEC East if we win this weekend. This game will be a nail-bitter for sure!

And, it is Halloween weekend! I love Halloween. I like decorating but I don't care for costumes. My mom found a motion activated mummy-man for our apartment. The sad part is, my roommates and I are too short to set if off. The wind randomly sets him off. It is funny to sit in the living room and here him make noise. I'm pretty sure our neighbors hate us. Oh well. Mummy-man is awesome. The best part of Halloween is seeing the cute little trick-or-treaters. But since I'm not home this year, that won't be happening.

I highly suggest you make those pumpkin cupcakes that I posted about last week from Living in Lilly. They are amazing, but I already knew that! My roommate came home and said, "um, why does our house smell so amazing!" The deliciousness was again solidified when I took them to church Wednesday night. One of the guys thanked me in front of everyone before praying before worship started. I'm telling you, these cupcakes are a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Happy weekend and Halloween ya'll!

See you Monday!


October 28, 2010

Proverbs 2:1-5

I have a Bible verse widget on my Droid. It is awesome! I love it. Every morning, I wake up to a new verse. It is usually the first thing I read in the morning.

This was my verse a few days ago:
My son, if you accept my words and store up my commands within you, turning your ear to wisdom and applying your heart to understanding, and if you call out for insight and cry aloud for understanding, and if you look for it as for silver and search for it as for hidden treasure, then you will understand the fear of the LORD and find the knowledge of God.
Proverbs 2:1-5
It is so powerful. I read it over and over. Each time I had chills.


October 27, 2010

Social Networking

I have probably tried out ever type of social networking, but I only consistently use Facebook, Twitter, and have recently picked up tumblr.

But, I recently said goodbye to Facebook. I didn't deactivate, but I haven't logged in. I have considered this many times. However, I really have stuck to it this time. I even took it off my phone. I have mixed feelings about Facebook in general.

I never posted much on Facebook. My account is really restricted. I almost never upload pictures. Tag me in a picture, I am bound to detag it quick. I think I am paranoid about things being on the internet. And once they are, it is forever. This fall, I primarily used it to sell my football tickets. The about me, five lines, maybe. You can't learn much about me there. Religion? Is it your business? Political views? Does it matter? Relationship status? Does it affect you? No.

We have been discussing relationships in the college Bible study at church for the past few weeks. I was shocked when people said they considered all their friends on Facebook, friends. I might have upwards of a thousand friends (all people I know), but I would never consider them real friends. It got me thinking, what does it mean to have all these friends. Nothing. I have your phone number, e-mail or address. If I need to talk, I can contact you. I don't need reminders of your birthday. If it is important, I know it or I have it written down. I don't need to know then ends and outs of your life. The ups and downs of your relationship. You're pregnant? Oh, congratulations. I don't need daily updates. Honestly, what are you doing with your life? Pregnant at twenty-one, twenty-two. No thanks. You're engaged? Oh, congratulations. Do I mean it? No. Not really. I want to shake them and tell them they haven't even experienced life.

I believe my generation has a skewed view of marriage. I believe people no longer value its meaning. Not working out? Just get a divorce. Divorce has been glamourized and now it is widely accepted. I struggle to believe that the person you love at twenty can be your lifelong spouse. So much personal growth occurs between twenty and thirty.

How did I get to here from social networking? I'm not sure. I let my heart lead. But I can tell you, this time away from Facebook has been wonderful. I am not distracted in and outside of class.

Facebook has changed the meaning of friend and communication.

I started writing this, to let ya'll know I use twitter and I am on there a lot. And to let you know about my tumblr page. You can follow me here and here.

I went off on a tangent (oops!), but I just couldn't erase it.

Do you agree or disagree? I am interested to hear!


October 26, 2010

Frances Fleece

I am always looking for great jackets and sweaters. In Florida, there is little need for a big, puffy jacket. I love ones that are thin and lightweight. I normally throw one on over tee-shirts, even in the summer. Its not that I am really cold, but I like a little something over my arms, especially in class.

That's were Lilly Pulitzer comes into play. I recently picked up this little beauty and I love it. My only wish? If it zipped all-the-way.  

I love that it is printed. It is a performance micro fleece. So warm but not bulky. I highly recommend you look at this piece next time your in-store!  Of course, my favorite Lilly Pulitzer via shop, The Colorful Gator,  has them in stock. Check the website or come in and visit, if you are in the area. 

Seventy-eight dollars might seem a little much, but the solid one is a little less. The Lilly Pulitzer active wear is produced by Nike. It is that same material they use on their pieces.


October 25, 2010

Drooooooid Does

Hello Droid, goodbye pos Blackberry.

Before returning to College Town, USA, in August, I made the best decision ever decided to upgrade to a Droid. I visited Verizon and waited and waited for the best salesman ever. My sister and mom had worked with him previously when my Grams upgraded her phone. 

I was deciding between the LG Ally and Droid by Motorola. I asked him questions about both and still didn't know. I wasn't super thrilled with either and he could tell. (I settled on the Curve after hating the Storm. Miserable-two-long-years.) He said, "go wait on that bench. I have something to show you." And out he walks with Droid 2. I was sold immediately. However, he couldn't technically sell it to me until the following morning. So, I did just that. I woke up the next morning, picked up my Droid before heading to Tampa for the International Mall and Apple store! 

Two nearly three months later, and I'm still obsessed. 

I highly recommend downloading these games: Jewels, LineUp, Trism, WordUp!, and my favorite Wordfeud.  I have found these apps very useful: DroidLight, Barcode Scanner (sometimes very handy!), WHERE and Where's My Droid. Of course, I have the obvious too, Facebook, Twitter, ttTumblr, The Weather Channel, Blogger, and a news app. 

My question for you: do you have an Android phone? Do you have any recommendations?


I am all about the iPhone, sadly my mom (and I agree!) won't switch to AT&T. However, I recently read iPhone will be joining Verizon sometime early next year! Good news! Bad news, I just upgraded. So maybe by the time the kinks are worked out, I will be able to upgrade, again! 

October 22, 2010

Friday = Weekend = PTL

Praise the Lord my biochem exam is over. I went the entire day without eating and I was struggling at the end. I was so wrapped up in studying and then a lecture, time just got away. It (exam and not eating) was brutal!

This is going to be a low-key weekend and I need it. I have a few more Halloween decorations to put up. And I am going to make these cupcakes (they are amazing!) from my friend at Living in Lilly.

It is bye-week here and Lord knows they need it. I love my Gators, but honestly, football isn't our thing this year. Losing and underperforming seems to run in my educational career though. My senior year of high school, I think we won two games. And this senior year isn't looking too pretty either. This season has proved that anything can happen in the SEC. I hope this bye-week provides the team with much needed rest, refocusing and regrouping. 

I heard about a corn maze here in-town this week. I've never been to one and it looks like fun. I might go this weekend, but the weather will play a big factor in that decision. 

I hope ya'll have a nice and relaxing weekend. See you Monday! 


October 21, 2010

Try Me a Drink...

I'm copying my friend GB at Preppy Southern Princess! I want your input on drinks! I'm not very adventurous and I stick to what I know. I also have favorites at specific restaurants.

At Chilis, I am all about the Worlds Freshest Margarita! I am not really a fan of the sweet and sour mix. This margarita uses fresh lime juice, agave nectar, and Milagro tequila.

I love the Long Island Iced Teas at Applebees.

A local mexican restaurant has the best sangria! I only wish I could duplicate it at home!

Tommy Bahama's has awesome Key Lime Martinis! And the pitcher of sangria, is a serious pitcher! Think: never ending.

The Fresh Berry Martini at Ruth's Chris is also good!

Now you might be thinking I've had a lot of experience, that is a big fat negative! I just know a few!

I'm looking for a drinks I can get anywhere. I'm a fan of rum and diet coke. I'm looking for more!


October 20, 2010

Tomorrow at 5!

This has been my life for weeks. It ends tomorrow at five o'clock! Then time to relax!
Biochemistry, time to die!


October 19, 2010

What did I do this Summer?

(I know its a few months late, but better late than never?)

Since I let blogging slip at the end of the summer, I thought I would update ya'll on what kept me so busy!

The first part of the summer, I took classes. I really didn't need to take classes, but what I am looking at for graduate school had a few recommended classes. I have pretty much taken all the classes possible, but I added one more to the list. So I stayed in College Town, USA, because Lord knows you can't take these classes at the community college. I also find it easier to continue going to school, rather than breaking and coming back for the second part of summer.

I finished classes, packed up and booked it out of town. I love where I am from. Going away to school, I realized how lucky I was to grow up in a tight-knit area with the same friends all the way through high school (a few all the way from nursery school). Don't get me wrong, I love going away to school, having different friends and exploring new areas. But I realized how much I love my low-key, relaxing area. Where I'm from no one is in a hurry. The town shuts down by eight. And I love it. Going out to the clubs and/or bars and getting really dressed up isn't my thing.

I was supposed to study for an admissions exam this summer and that didn't happen. As well as, applying to professional school. Oops! Don't worry, it is still happening, just not when I planned on it.

I also had a BIG birthday! Big as in legal, not a huge party. My birthday was low-key (just like my town!) We enjoyed breakfast downtown at a little cafe. I love their breakfast. Then we shopped around! Of course, we visited my favorite store! I suggested we go there for my sister, because I wanted her to wear something she felt special in. I already knew what I was wearing. Let's just say we spent a lot there! We got ready and joined my grandparents at a steakhouse for dinner. I had a few cocktails of my own and sampled all the ones at the table. It was a long three hour dinner, but the food is SO worth it!

I spent the rest of the summer catching up with friends. Some days spent by the pool, or pool hopping! Others spent shopping and relaxing. I hung out with people I knew from high school but weren't really friends with. I had a blast! There was also boy drama (LOTS!) in such a short period of time. I found a new favorite drink, and enjoyed these many of nights!

Eight weeks flew-by having so much fun. I had to make the drive back to College Town, USA before I knew it! This was the first time, I was home for much of the summer! I had a hard time saying bye!


October 18, 2010

School Bags

Now that classes have started and are in full swing again, lets talk bags.

I have four go-to school bags.

The ever so classic large Longchamp tote.  I usually grab my chocolate one.  I also have royal blue.  I'm always scoping out new colors too. I think the bilberry one is next.  I love the deep purple! I don't usually use this tote if I'm taking my laptop.  Its lack of structure makes it difficult to carry a laptop. 

I picked up a tote similar to this one over the summer.  I had no idea it was a baby bag.  But it works well with my laptop. 

 This is my everyday choice! The ever reliable North Face backpack. I chose the Recon style. I actually have the dark blue color scheme. I love all the pockets. The large mesh pocket on the front is convenient for my umbrella! And the pockets on the side work well with my Tervis Tumblers. I am on campus all day Tuesday and Thursdays so I normally have this with me!

My last bag, is my Lilly Pulitzer tote. I love this babe. It's very sturdy, similar to the L.L.Bean totes, but with a super cute pattern. I Scotch Garded mine to protect it! 

It depends what my day entails, what I need to take to campus, and what I'm wearing.  But these are my top choices of bags for class.

What do you use on a daily basis? Do you have any recommendations?