October 18, 2010

School Bags

Now that classes have started and are in full swing again, lets talk bags.

I have four go-to school bags.

The ever so classic large Longchamp tote.  I usually grab my chocolate one.  I also have royal blue.  I'm always scoping out new colors too. I think the bilberry one is next.  I love the deep purple! I don't usually use this tote if I'm taking my laptop.  Its lack of structure makes it difficult to carry a laptop. 

I picked up a tote similar to this one over the summer.  I had no idea it was a baby bag.  But it works well with my laptop. 

 This is my everyday choice! The ever reliable North Face backpack. I chose the Recon style. I actually have the dark blue color scheme. I love all the pockets. The large mesh pocket on the front is convenient for my umbrella! And the pockets on the side work well with my Tervis Tumblers. I am on campus all day Tuesday and Thursdays so I normally have this with me!

My last bag, is my Lilly Pulitzer tote. I love this babe. It's very sturdy, similar to the L.L.Bean totes, but with a super cute pattern. I Scotch Garded mine to protect it! 

It depends what my day entails, what I need to take to campus, and what I'm wearing.  But these are my top choices of bags for class.

What do you use on a daily basis? Do you have any recommendations? 


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