October 27, 2010

Social Networking

I have probably tried out ever type of social networking, but I only consistently use Facebook, Twitter, and have recently picked up tumblr.

But, I recently said goodbye to Facebook. I didn't deactivate, but I haven't logged in. I have considered this many times. However, I really have stuck to it this time. I even took it off my phone. I have mixed feelings about Facebook in general.

I never posted much on Facebook. My account is really restricted. I almost never upload pictures. Tag me in a picture, I am bound to detag it quick. I think I am paranoid about things being on the internet. And once they are, it is forever. This fall, I primarily used it to sell my football tickets. The about me, five lines, maybe. You can't learn much about me there. Religion? Is it your business? Political views? Does it matter? Relationship status? Does it affect you? No.

We have been discussing relationships in the college Bible study at church for the past few weeks. I was shocked when people said they considered all their friends on Facebook, friends. I might have upwards of a thousand friends (all people I know), but I would never consider them real friends. It got me thinking, what does it mean to have all these friends. Nothing. I have your phone number, e-mail or address. If I need to talk, I can contact you. I don't need reminders of your birthday. If it is important, I know it or I have it written down. I don't need to know then ends and outs of your life. The ups and downs of your relationship. You're pregnant? Oh, congratulations. I don't need daily updates. Honestly, what are you doing with your life? Pregnant at twenty-one, twenty-two. No thanks. You're engaged? Oh, congratulations. Do I mean it? No. Not really. I want to shake them and tell them they haven't even experienced life.

I believe my generation has a skewed view of marriage. I believe people no longer value its meaning. Not working out? Just get a divorce. Divorce has been glamourized and now it is widely accepted. I struggle to believe that the person you love at twenty can be your lifelong spouse. So much personal growth occurs between twenty and thirty.

How did I get to here from social networking? I'm not sure. I let my heart lead. But I can tell you, this time away from Facebook has been wonderful. I am not distracted in and outside of class.

Facebook has changed the meaning of friend and communication.

I started writing this, to let ya'll know I use twitter and I am on there a lot. And to let you know about my tumblr page. You can follow me here and here.

I went off on a tangent (oops!), but I just couldn't erase it.

Do you agree or disagree? I am interested to hear!


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