October 21, 2010

Try Me a Drink...

I'm copying my friend GB at Preppy Southern Princess! I want your input on drinks! I'm not very adventurous and I stick to what I know. I also have favorites at specific restaurants.

At Chilis, I am all about the Worlds Freshest Margarita! I am not really a fan of the sweet and sour mix. This margarita uses fresh lime juice, agave nectar, and Milagro tequila.

I love the Long Island Iced Teas at Applebees.

A local mexican restaurant has the best sangria! I only wish I could duplicate it at home!

Tommy Bahama's has awesome Key Lime Martinis! And the pitcher of sangria, is a serious pitcher! Think: never ending.

The Fresh Berry Martini at Ruth's Chris is also good!

Now you might be thinking I've had a lot of experience, that is a big fat negative! I just know a few!

I'm looking for a drinks I can get anywhere. I'm a fan of rum and diet coke. I'm looking for more!


1 comment:

  1. Try the Bahama Mama at applebees.
    Swamp juice at the Awamp is always amazing.

    Pinnacle has really good unique flavored vodkas, ask for the whipped cream one with just about anything.

    Others: Greyhounds, Amaretto sours, Cosmos (of course my fave), Vodka cranberry, Slings!

    For shots, broken down golf cart and snakebite shots.

    Will definitely be trying that key lime martini next time I'm at Tommy's!