October 29, 2010

Finally Friday!

I am so thankful it is the weekend! It has been a looooong week, but not a horrible week. I had a Nutrition and Disease exam Tuesday night and that was it!

So remember last week I mentioned going to a corn maze? Well I didn't. But tonight the college group at church is going! Someone mentioned that you need to go when the corn maze first opens because people are mean to the corn stalks. Hopefully the stalks aren't too damaged.

This weekend is huge for the Gators! It is known as the world's largest cocktail party. It is a huge rivalry. It is Florida-Georgia weekend! (Not to be confused with Georgia-Florida, because that doesn't exist!) This game likely determines our fate in the SEC. We still have a chance of taking the SEC East if we win this weekend. This game will be a nail-bitter for sure!

And, it is Halloween weekend! I love Halloween. I like decorating but I don't care for costumes. My mom found a motion activated mummy-man for our apartment. The sad part is, my roommates and I are too short to set if off. The wind randomly sets him off. It is funny to sit in the living room and here him make noise. I'm pretty sure our neighbors hate us. Oh well. Mummy-man is awesome. The best part of Halloween is seeing the cute little trick-or-treaters. But since I'm not home this year, that won't be happening.

I highly suggest you make those pumpkin cupcakes that I posted about last week from Living in Lilly. They are amazing, but I already knew that! My roommate came home and said, "um, why does our house smell so amazing!" The deliciousness was again solidified when I took them to church Wednesday night. One of the guys thanked me in front of everyone before praying before worship started. I'm telling you, these cupcakes are a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Happy weekend and Halloween ya'll!

See you Monday!


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