October 25, 2010

Drooooooid Does

Hello Droid, goodbye pos Blackberry.

Before returning to College Town, USA, in August, I made the best decision ever decided to upgrade to a Droid. I visited Verizon and waited and waited for the best salesman ever. My sister and mom had worked with him previously when my Grams upgraded her phone. 

I was deciding between the LG Ally and Droid by Motorola. I asked him questions about both and still didn't know. I wasn't super thrilled with either and he could tell. (I settled on the Curve after hating the Storm. Miserable-two-long-years.) He said, "go wait on that bench. I have something to show you." And out he walks with Droid 2. I was sold immediately. However, he couldn't technically sell it to me until the following morning. So, I did just that. I woke up the next morning, picked up my Droid before heading to Tampa for the International Mall and Apple store! 

Two nearly three months later, and I'm still obsessed. 

I highly recommend downloading these games: Jewels, LineUp, Trism, WordUp!, and my favorite Wordfeud.  I have found these apps very useful: DroidLight, Barcode Scanner (sometimes very handy!), WHERE and Where's My Droid. Of course, I have the obvious too, Facebook, Twitter, ttTumblr, The Weather Channel, Blogger, and a news app. 

My question for you: do you have an Android phone? Do you have any recommendations?


I am all about the iPhone, sadly my mom (and I agree!) won't switch to AT&T. However, I recently read iPhone will be joining Verizon sometime early next year! Good news! Bad news, I just upgraded. So maybe by the time the kinks are worked out, I will be able to upgrade, again! 

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