November 29, 2010

Mish Mash, Catching up!

Wow! I can't believe it has been over ten days since I wrote on the blog! (Sigh! Sad that school was in the way! I was on a roll with three or four weeks of solid blogging!) Those ten days were very crazy. I took two exams (Biochemistry and Medical Nutrition Therapies) plus had like five assignments due! I had the weekend off, worked at the store, and watched the South Carolina game. I took a Nutrition and Disease exam Tuesday night, went to class Wednesday and drove home.

I was stuck in horrible traffic! And when traffic is slow, I tend to make a few phone calls. Well my last call was with my mom, when I noticed a fire truck driving south on northbound (that was funny) and realized I had not seen cars passing on northbound for at least twenty minutes. I was noting to my mom that I thought there was a Bayflite helicopter trying to land because a helicopter had circled a few times. I came around the bend of trees to see the helicopter landed and northbound traffic at a dead stop (for at least ten miles). I was so thankful that I was at least moving, even if it was a crawl. I always think about those in the helicopter and their families. A weekend of fun and celebration cut short.

I knew staying for class Wednesday meant I was going to be traveling in heavy traffic and that my drive was going to be longer than normal. I traveled forty miles (generous) in an hour and a half. And in that time I witnessed three almost accidents. I wish people would think logically when traveling by road on major holidays. We are all trying to get somewhere, but tailgating and weaving in congested traffic is never a good idea. Expect an additional hour or more of travel and you won't be so annoyed with delays.

We have this little thing called Turkey Trot on the key, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I was so excited to finallyyyyy be legal and partake in the festivities. However, I was way too tired after traveling and my exam to go! I am bummed I missed it. But hopefully next year won't be so hectic before and I'll get to participate.

Thanksgiving was different this year. It was not my kind of Thanksgiving or fun for that matter, but I did it and told my family "I went, I saw, I was pleasant, I will never go again." We traveled Thanksgiving day to my Grandfathers property. It was in the boonies. Nothing to see, nothing to do (not that there is on Thanksgiving; our family also believes in not patronizing businesses that are open on holidays). I don't really get a long with this side of the family either. Cocktails would have been grand but they were not served.

We also don't do the crazy Black Friday shopping. (Well we did once, to the outlet mall. And no one has wanted to ever again.) We always pick up a paper on Thursday to see the ads, but they didn't look too exciting this year. We eventually made it to the mall. The last place I wanted to go. My mom thought I did. But we ended up having an enjoyable time and my grandmother tagged along too. I mentioned I was looking for riding boots on here a few weeks ago. My mom reads this (Hi Mom!) so she was planning on gifting me a pair at Christmas. But you can't just pick those out for someone and thank goodness she didn't buy the ones I thought I wanted. My calf is apparently too big for regular boots and I didn't like the extended calf ones. (My calfs aren't fat. They're muscular. Strong calfs are good, but not good for riding boots. Darn!) We had to stop for lunch (it was three, but still lunch in my book!). Checked out Williams Sonoma and Victorias Secret. And then proceeded to spend a good two hours (at least) in Ann Taylor Loft! I found cute jeggings, jeans, corduroys, skirts, super cute cardigans and tops. Luckily I remembered I needed a pair of black slacks for a presentation Friday. We were finally leaving when my mom realized the time. It was after eight. This time change has done a number on us, still! I thought it was six or so, since it is darker earlier now.

I don't remember Saturday, other than picking out our Christmas tree and getting my nails done. We get a live tree every year. We didn't for a few years and I was so sad! I love the smell. I also think you can tell a fake tree. It is currently falling so we can decorate it.

Sunday was all about the homework. I have to huge group projects that we have worked on all semester due Thursday and Friday.

And I am driving back today!


November 16, 2010

It's All a Blur

So the weekend ran a little long. And it was a pretty good weekend! :)

I drove back to school Sunday. It had to be the worlds longest trip. I was in dead-stopped traffic for over an hour and a half. The trailer of the semi involved was mangled. The cab looked okay, so hopefully the driver didn't suffer too serious of an injury.

This week is soo hectic (as is the rest of the month). I have a million and one things due Thursday. I have an exam next Tuesday night. Thanksgiving. Then, I come back to a million GROUP (I despise group things) projects that are due. I'm pretty sure my professors fail at looking at the calendar. And I'm in a small program and everyone takes the same classes senior year. You'd think they would try to coordinate, at least a little. Not.

So, posts this week might be a little sporadic. Sorry about that. I accomplished nothing while home for the weekend!


November 12, 2010

World Diabetes Day 2010

(This post was supposed to go up Wednesday, but I was too tired Tuesday and I drove home Wednesday!)

I bet most of ya'll don't know what this symbol is for (except maybe because it is in the title). It is a universal symbol for diabetes. Sunday, November 14 is World Diabetes Day 2010. (I know I'm a few days early but I want ya'll to be prepared.) Until recently this day wouldn't have meant much to me.

A little backstory. February 26, 2009, I was admitted to the hospy and quickly after diagnosed with type one diabetes. It was a life shocker. There is no family history. I still remember every little detail of those four days. (But this post wasn't about me.)

I have found most people don't know the difference unless they have been affected by the disease. Here is a short summary describing the differences:

Diabetes is a disease where the body does not produce insulin (type 1) or cannot utilize insulin (type 2). Type 1 is also commonly known as juvenile diabetes. Type 1 is an autoimmune disease and type 2 is related to diet and exercise. You may be wondering how I developed the disease after nearly twenty years without it. Good question. I would love to know too, as well as my doctors. There is so little known about the disease so all my doctors can do is guess what happened. They believe I contracted a virus (how long prior to being diagnosed it unsure) but the virus caused my body to self-destruct and slowly kill the beta cells of my pancreas. (The beta cells produce insulin; the alpha cells produce glucagon.)

Type 1 diabetes is controlled by the use of insulin injections and fingersticks. Diet has no affect. I would still have to take insulin if I ate a zero carbohydrate diet. (So please don't tell me I can't have that cupcake because my doctors encourage it in moderation.) People with type 2 diabetes often can control their glucose levels by improving and changing their diet as well as exercise. Some may take insulin or medication to decrease insulin resistance.

Back to World Diabetes Day 2010. It is led by International Diabetes Federation to promote advocacy and awareness. The theme is chosen every five years and currently the theme is Education and Prevention. The slogan for 2010 is 'Let's take control of diabetes. Now.' World Diabetes Day brings attention to a disease that affects millions of people (type 1 and 2) but so little is understood and there is no cure.

I am lucky to live an area where so much research and support occurs. The Diabetes Center of Excellence at Shands at the University of Florida (talk about a long name) is one of the top research facilities in the country. Every year they put on events in the month of November and a big celebration of November 14th, which includes lighting building blue. It is so neat to see and gives me the chills. On the University of Florida campus, Century Tower is lit blue.


After being lit blue!

Similar events occur across the nation and world. Take a few minutes this weekend and observe this event. Here is a list of events in the United States. It is so neat to see! Even if you can't attend an event, you can light a blue candle.

You can read more about World Diabetes Day here.

Tomorrow is a big day in SEC football. My Florida Gators will be playing the South Carolina Gamecocks to determine who will represent the SEC East at the SEC Championship game December 4th. Go Gators!!!


November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

Bet you didn't know when spelling Veterans to leave out the apostrophe. Neither did I, until recently. The United State government has declared Veterans as the correct spelling.

Veterans Day is a federal holiday to honor military veterans. Both of my grandfathers are veterans. They don't put much emphasis on the holiday but this holiday is important. School-age kids don't really understand the meaning of the day, other than they don't have school. It is important to teach and remind them why we have this holiday.

I probably forget to thank my grandfathers yearly (I'm usually away at school and forget - bad!), but I do think about them and appreciate everything they did for my country and freedom.

Take a minute out of your day to thank the Veterans around you. This is a day to be patriotic and show your support!


November 10, 2010


I had a post planned for today amd I started writing it last night. But 2:30 AM was way too late! I was packing for home and took a little break. Next thing I knew, I couldn't keep my eyes open. I'll finish todays post for Friday!

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November 9, 2010

What do you like to read?

(a.k.a.) Ask me!

No, don't worry, I'm not out of blogging ideas. But I was wondering.

I know ya'll read my blog, or at lest see the posts (I can see from the two trackers), but I don't know how ya'll feel about my posts. I don't get much feedback. Do you like them? Do you agree with my thoughts? What do you like more? Superficial? Feelings? Do you want it to be more about shopping? etc.

So today, I am opening my blog up to you. I want ya'll to leave comments or e-mail me about things you would like to see on my blog. I also would like for ya'll to ask me questions about anything! I'm going to incorporate these into my posts next week!

Ready. Set. Get typing!


November 8, 2010

My Hair Secret

I thought I would let you all in on my hair secret!

I have been trying to grow my hair out for maybe four months. I don't remember the specific day I decided to grow it out. I kept my hair just below my ears for over a year. I was forced to cut my hair short to make it look healthy again, after having it fall out for a few months. This picture was from February but it is a good reference to how short my hair was.

In just four months, my hair is now a few inches (fourish?) past my shoulders. (I don't have a picture to show. All my recent pictures, my hair is air-dried and wavy or pulled back in a pony.)

So what have I been doing to help my hair grow super fast?!

First. It is super important to eat all your fruit and vegetables. Not just for your hair, but in general. Taking in vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables are more beneficial to the body than supplements. Water is important too and not just for your hair!

I am taking a few supplements too. I am taking Flintstone vitamin gummies. (They are like gummy bears and way better than those chalky ones I had growing up.) I am also taking Phyto Phytophanere Dietary Supplement for hair and nails. You can find this here or Sephora.

It is also important to do as little damage to your hair as possible. I let my hair air-dry whenever possible. I wash my hair every two or three days. I use as little product as possible. I use a wide-tooth comb with an Aveeno detangler.

Washing my hair every two or three days is possible for me and probably you too. First thing, don't touch your hair every two seconds. Use as little product as possible. And dry shampoo is your friend! If your hair looks too greasy/dirty spray some of it in. It dries up the oils. I love not having to do my hair everyday and it keeps it healthier.

Do you have any hair secrets to share? I would love to know!


I forgot to include that I get regular "trims" to keep my hair growing, as well!

November 5, 2010

City Buses and Friday! :)

It is Friday and I am worn out!

Yesterday I dropped my car off to get the oil changed and have everything checked over! (Cars scare me and I freak about anything.) So I had to take the city bus from the mall to campus. I die. It took over thirty minutes. Then after class all-day followed by a meeting, I finally got to head home! That took more like forty-five minutes. This guy thought he was superman with the hand straps. I wish I snapped a picture! I eventually made it to pick-up my car. It made for the worlds longest day. I'm pretty sure I will avoid city buses at all cost moving forward.

This weekend we play Vanderbilt! Praying the Gators can pull out another win!

Thursday (next week!) is Veteran's Day. I'm hightailing it out of town Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday late morning. I need a break from here for my sanity!

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!


November 4, 2010

This & That

I'm not going to lie. I don't have an exciting, interesting or even worth reading post for ya'll today. I was going to wrap-up Halloween with the surprise package my Mom mailed my way. (Side note: UPS was a huge letdown! And we always ship UPS. My Mom had Saturday delivery and sent it to my work. The driver tried to deliver before we opened. I couldn't even pick it up in the afternoon. And they were going to charge to change the address for Monday? I am very annoyed with UPS right now!) But I can't find pictures online of everything she sent. And my camera is dead. The charger is at home somewhere. It is in a very good hiding place.

I had one class yesterday and spent the entire afternoon before church finishing my personal statement for class today and my groups legislative project for the same class. Yay for presentations today? Not.

On a better note (possibly?), my Costa's were supposedly delivered yesterday, at 11 am,  according to the tracking number. So last night before church I checked the mailbox and they weren't there! Seriously going crazy without my Costa's. I got an awesome pair of Coach aviators for a birthday present. I love them. But not everyday. They're more like style. Costa's are my go-to.

Next up. I need some fashion help. Not like I don't know fashion but where to find these items. Things ya'll love and would recommend. The mall here flat out sucks. The bottom tier Macys and Dillards (we're talking junk). Gap is always a mess. The people in Banana Republic are never helpful. Ann Taylor Loft is okay, but I haven't been super impressed lately. Only one Target that is normally trashed. TJ Maxx is normally a joke. The Colorful Gator is awesome and I love Lilly but I need some basic pieces and quality people. Not Forever 21. That place is dirty and super messy.

So your mission?...I need more jeans. It is fall and winter is around the corner. I need new jeans, stat. I am so particular, so it takes me a while to find ones I like. Then I normally purchase multiples. The last pair  I bought is a Michael by Michael Kors pair. I like dark but not black. I tend to stick to boot cut or a slight flair. I have a really hard time with skinnies. But I need some to wear with boots. I am also interested in jeggings. But they need to look like jeans not leggings. I need tops too. Classic, but don't tell me button downs. I have this jacket I have had for probably four years. It is a light tan color and a canvas like material. It looks like a bomber style. I need a new one. I have been dying for boots. They are chic and classic. I think I'm interested in flat styles like ridding boots. I roll my ankle constantly and every time I put heels on, I think I'm going to fall over and break my ankle. (Heck I fractured my fourth metatarsal going down four baby stairs IN tennis shoes this summer.) A nice pair of heels would be good for occasions though. I'm not really a fashion person. I do what I like, which tends to be more classic.

The list: jeans, tops, jackets, ridding boots, sweater, maybe heels?

Ya'll can leave links or suggestions in the comments. You can e-mail me. Or polyvores would be awesome!

....are you ready? And GO!


P.S. I'm like a normal person. I definitely am not the size people think I am. So please don't send me something that looks good on a size zero. It won't happen in my life time.

November 3, 2010

Halloween Crafting and Baking

(Regarding yesterday's election results: whether you side red or blue, I am thankful government is divided again! It is important that one side doesn't control everything.)

(I know it is past Halloween, but these are excellent for Thanksgiving too! Next year, I'll have them out for all of Fall!)

I love crafting. I find it (and baking) relaxing and rewarding. I would rather make it myself than purchase it. I often think I can make it better, personalize and/or enhance it. So when I saw plastic beaded pumpkins at Walmart and glittered (chunky, tacky) pumpkins at Target, I knew I could reproduce something similar and nicer.

(I wish I has a picture for you! My camera charger is at home. But trust be these are beauties.)

I found a variety of plastic pumpkins at Michaels and Walmart rather cheap. I selected a handful in different sizes and colors. I then applied a spray adhesive to the pumpkins, in sections, and covered the adhesive with glitter. Let dry overnight and you are ready to go! I did this outside and put newspaper down. (Easier to cleanup too!) 

Materials: plastic pumpkins (they will last for years!), spray adhesive, Martha Stewart's glitter*, newspaper or cloth.

*Fellow bloggers informed me of Martha's glitter. They nearly insisted I use it. Only the very best. I didn't know there was a huge difference. But let me inform you, there is! Martha Stewart's is super fine (like sugar). I bought mine on sale. If it isn't on sale, there is always a coupon for Michaels. 

I also made this piece of deliciousness. Halloween chocolate bark. I saw several recipes for this, so I combined them to my liking. Some used white chocolate as the base (not a fan!), Oreos, toffee bits, Butterfinger pieces, etc. I had to draw the line somewhere. I used semi-sweet Ghirardelli chocolate chips, candy corn, pretzels, almond slices, and orange and yellow M&M's. I drizzled the top of mine with Ghirardelli white chocolate. I also lined my baking sheet with wax paper rather than aluminum foil.

My only recommendation, don't use semi-sweet chocolate chips! I don't know why I didn't think of this at the store. I recommend using milk chocolate. However, semi-sweet chocolate chips haven't stopped my roommates from eating it - they love it!

I know it is passed Halloween and people are probably tired of talking about it, but chocolate bark can be used for any holiday. Christmas = peppermint bark! Use your imagination! The variations are endless!


November 2, 2010

Election Day 2010

I cannot tell ya'll how happy I am that it is finally election day! I am so tired of hearing the political advertisements, I have had enough of the negatives and I am over the wasted paper.

I don't care who you vote for or what party you are affiliated with (well I do, but that's besides the point) make sure you get out and let your voice be heard!  We have earned this right through our ancestors who faced many trials and tribulations and it is important we exercise it.

Don't think your one-little-measly-vote doesn't count. It does. Look at past elections in Florida!

So whether you side with these fellas...

or these...

don't forget to vote today!


November 1, 2010

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit! Happy first of November to you!

Upon further research of the phrase, it appears it started in Great Britain. Rabbits or hares are considered bad luck just like black cats are thought to be bad luck here in the United States. It is believed that saying rabbit three times over upon waking (even before morning prayer) on the first of the month, will lead to good luck for the whole month.

I can't believe it is November first. Only nine more weeks remain in 2010! Where has the year gone?!

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit to you and yours!