November 4, 2010

This & That

I'm not going to lie. I don't have an exciting, interesting or even worth reading post for ya'll today. I was going to wrap-up Halloween with the surprise package my Mom mailed my way. (Side note: UPS was a huge letdown! And we always ship UPS. My Mom had Saturday delivery and sent it to my work. The driver tried to deliver before we opened. I couldn't even pick it up in the afternoon. And they were going to charge to change the address for Monday? I am very annoyed with UPS right now!) But I can't find pictures online of everything she sent. And my camera is dead. The charger is at home somewhere. It is in a very good hiding place.

I had one class yesterday and spent the entire afternoon before church finishing my personal statement for class today and my groups legislative project for the same class. Yay for presentations today? Not.

On a better note (possibly?), my Costa's were supposedly delivered yesterday, at 11 am,  according to the tracking number. So last night before church I checked the mailbox and they weren't there! Seriously going crazy without my Costa's. I got an awesome pair of Coach aviators for a birthday present. I love them. But not everyday. They're more like style. Costa's are my go-to.

Next up. I need some fashion help. Not like I don't know fashion but where to find these items. Things ya'll love and would recommend. The mall here flat out sucks. The bottom tier Macys and Dillards (we're talking junk). Gap is always a mess. The people in Banana Republic are never helpful. Ann Taylor Loft is okay, but I haven't been super impressed lately. Only one Target that is normally trashed. TJ Maxx is normally a joke. The Colorful Gator is awesome and I love Lilly but I need some basic pieces and quality people. Not Forever 21. That place is dirty and super messy.

So your mission?...I need more jeans. It is fall and winter is around the corner. I need new jeans, stat. I am so particular, so it takes me a while to find ones I like. Then I normally purchase multiples. The last pair  I bought is a Michael by Michael Kors pair. I like dark but not black. I tend to stick to boot cut or a slight flair. I have a really hard time with skinnies. But I need some to wear with boots. I am also interested in jeggings. But they need to look like jeans not leggings. I need tops too. Classic, but don't tell me button downs. I have this jacket I have had for probably four years. It is a light tan color and a canvas like material. It looks like a bomber style. I need a new one. I have been dying for boots. They are chic and classic. I think I'm interested in flat styles like ridding boots. I roll my ankle constantly and every time I put heels on, I think I'm going to fall over and break my ankle. (Heck I fractured my fourth metatarsal going down four baby stairs IN tennis shoes this summer.) A nice pair of heels would be good for occasions though. I'm not really a fashion person. I do what I like, which tends to be more classic.

The list: jeans, tops, jackets, ridding boots, sweater, maybe heels?

Ya'll can leave links or suggestions in the comments. You can e-mail me. Or polyvores would be awesome!

....are you ready? And GO!


P.S. I'm like a normal person. I definitely am not the size people think I am. So please don't send me something that looks good on a size zero. It won't happen in my life time.


  1. Citizens Humanity and AG jeans are my fave. They are so soft and don't gap at the top like most I've tried. For a cheaper alternative I like Express. I hate skinny jeans on me but I like my jeggings with boots. I've heard JBrand are good and soft but there's no way I'm paying $150 for leggings. I have these from urban outfitters:

    I like them a lot. Good price point, they're on sale now too. I ordered up a size which worked for me.

    I have a pair of Steve Madden riding boots I love. They have a million styles and colors. Also I like my knockoff Fryes I got from Target last year, they were a big seller so I bet they come out with them again.

    There are some really cute tops at anthro right now. Some are on the wilder side but there are more classic styles as well. Check the sale section too!

    As for jackets, have you considered looking into a blazer style? I'm looking for the perfect blazer right now. One that doesn't look like a suit jacket. I think they look great with jeans and are still classic, so I can justify investing in a good one. I've been eying this corduroy one, I think it'd be perfect for when it gets colder.

  2. My god, sorry for writing you a whole essay! I didn't know it was that long