November 29, 2010

Mish Mash, Catching up!

Wow! I can't believe it has been over ten days since I wrote on the blog! (Sigh! Sad that school was in the way! I was on a roll with three or four weeks of solid blogging!) Those ten days were very crazy. I took two exams (Biochemistry and Medical Nutrition Therapies) plus had like five assignments due! I had the weekend off, worked at the store, and watched the South Carolina game. I took a Nutrition and Disease exam Tuesday night, went to class Wednesday and drove home.

I was stuck in horrible traffic! And when traffic is slow, I tend to make a few phone calls. Well my last call was with my mom, when I noticed a fire truck driving south on northbound (that was funny) and realized I had not seen cars passing on northbound for at least twenty minutes. I was noting to my mom that I thought there was a Bayflite helicopter trying to land because a helicopter had circled a few times. I came around the bend of trees to see the helicopter landed and northbound traffic at a dead stop (for at least ten miles). I was so thankful that I was at least moving, even if it was a crawl. I always think about those in the helicopter and their families. A weekend of fun and celebration cut short.

I knew staying for class Wednesday meant I was going to be traveling in heavy traffic and that my drive was going to be longer than normal. I traveled forty miles (generous) in an hour and a half. And in that time I witnessed three almost accidents. I wish people would think logically when traveling by road on major holidays. We are all trying to get somewhere, but tailgating and weaving in congested traffic is never a good idea. Expect an additional hour or more of travel and you won't be so annoyed with delays.

We have this little thing called Turkey Trot on the key, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I was so excited to finallyyyyy be legal and partake in the festivities. However, I was way too tired after traveling and my exam to go! I am bummed I missed it. But hopefully next year won't be so hectic before and I'll get to participate.

Thanksgiving was different this year. It was not my kind of Thanksgiving or fun for that matter, but I did it and told my family "I went, I saw, I was pleasant, I will never go again." We traveled Thanksgiving day to my Grandfathers property. It was in the boonies. Nothing to see, nothing to do (not that there is on Thanksgiving; our family also believes in not patronizing businesses that are open on holidays). I don't really get a long with this side of the family either. Cocktails would have been grand but they were not served.

We also don't do the crazy Black Friday shopping. (Well we did once, to the outlet mall. And no one has wanted to ever again.) We always pick up a paper on Thursday to see the ads, but they didn't look too exciting this year. We eventually made it to the mall. The last place I wanted to go. My mom thought I did. But we ended up having an enjoyable time and my grandmother tagged along too. I mentioned I was looking for riding boots on here a few weeks ago. My mom reads this (Hi Mom!) so she was planning on gifting me a pair at Christmas. But you can't just pick those out for someone and thank goodness she didn't buy the ones I thought I wanted. My calf is apparently too big for regular boots and I didn't like the extended calf ones. (My calfs aren't fat. They're muscular. Strong calfs are good, but not good for riding boots. Darn!) We had to stop for lunch (it was three, but still lunch in my book!). Checked out Williams Sonoma and Victorias Secret. And then proceeded to spend a good two hours (at least) in Ann Taylor Loft! I found cute jeggings, jeans, corduroys, skirts, super cute cardigans and tops. Luckily I remembered I needed a pair of black slacks for a presentation Friday. We were finally leaving when my mom realized the time. It was after eight. This time change has done a number on us, still! I thought it was six or so, since it is darker earlier now.

I don't remember Saturday, other than picking out our Christmas tree and getting my nails done. We get a live tree every year. We didn't for a few years and I was so sad! I love the smell. I also think you can tell a fake tree. It is currently falling so we can decorate it.

Sunday was all about the homework. I have to huge group projects that we have worked on all semester due Thursday and Friday.

And I am driving back today!


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  1. I hear ya on the calf thing. Steve Madden is usually my best bet.
    Good luck on your group projects, my big one is due Thursday. Can't wait!