November 3, 2010

Halloween Crafting and Baking

(Regarding yesterday's election results: whether you side red or blue, I am thankful government is divided again! It is important that one side doesn't control everything.)

(I know it is past Halloween, but these are excellent for Thanksgiving too! Next year, I'll have them out for all of Fall!)

I love crafting. I find it (and baking) relaxing and rewarding. I would rather make it myself than purchase it. I often think I can make it better, personalize and/or enhance it. So when I saw plastic beaded pumpkins at Walmart and glittered (chunky, tacky) pumpkins at Target, I knew I could reproduce something similar and nicer.

(I wish I has a picture for you! My camera charger is at home. But trust be these are beauties.)

I found a variety of plastic pumpkins at Michaels and Walmart rather cheap. I selected a handful in different sizes and colors. I then applied a spray adhesive to the pumpkins, in sections, and covered the adhesive with glitter. Let dry overnight and you are ready to go! I did this outside and put newspaper down. (Easier to cleanup too!) 

Materials: plastic pumpkins (they will last for years!), spray adhesive, Martha Stewart's glitter*, newspaper or cloth.

*Fellow bloggers informed me of Martha's glitter. They nearly insisted I use it. Only the very best. I didn't know there was a huge difference. But let me inform you, there is! Martha Stewart's is super fine (like sugar). I bought mine on sale. If it isn't on sale, there is always a coupon for Michaels. 

I also made this piece of deliciousness. Halloween chocolate bark. I saw several recipes for this, so I combined them to my liking. Some used white chocolate as the base (not a fan!), Oreos, toffee bits, Butterfinger pieces, etc. I had to draw the line somewhere. I used semi-sweet Ghirardelli chocolate chips, candy corn, pretzels, almond slices, and orange and yellow M&M's. I drizzled the top of mine with Ghirardelli white chocolate. I also lined my baking sheet with wax paper rather than aluminum foil.

My only recommendation, don't use semi-sweet chocolate chips! I don't know why I didn't think of this at the store. I recommend using milk chocolate. However, semi-sweet chocolate chips haven't stopped my roommates from eating it - they love it!

I know it is passed Halloween and people are probably tired of talking about it, but chocolate bark can be used for any holiday. Christmas = peppermint bark! Use your imagination! The variations are endless!


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