November 16, 2010

It's All a Blur

So the weekend ran a little long. And it was a pretty good weekend! :)

I drove back to school Sunday. It had to be the worlds longest trip. I was in dead-stopped traffic for over an hour and a half. The trailer of the semi involved was mangled. The cab looked okay, so hopefully the driver didn't suffer too serious of an injury.

This week is soo hectic (as is the rest of the month). I have a million and one things due Thursday. I have an exam next Tuesday night. Thanksgiving. Then, I come back to a million GROUP (I despise group things) projects that are due. I'm pretty sure my professors fail at looking at the calendar. And I'm in a small program and everyone takes the same classes senior year. You'd think they would try to coordinate, at least a little. Not.

So, posts this week might be a little sporadic. Sorry about that. I accomplished nothing while home for the weekend!


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