November 8, 2010

My Hair Secret

I thought I would let you all in on my hair secret!

I have been trying to grow my hair out for maybe four months. I don't remember the specific day I decided to grow it out. I kept my hair just below my ears for over a year. I was forced to cut my hair short to make it look healthy again, after having it fall out for a few months. This picture was from February but it is a good reference to how short my hair was.

In just four months, my hair is now a few inches (fourish?) past my shoulders. (I don't have a picture to show. All my recent pictures, my hair is air-dried and wavy or pulled back in a pony.)

So what have I been doing to help my hair grow super fast?!

First. It is super important to eat all your fruit and vegetables. Not just for your hair, but in general. Taking in vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables are more beneficial to the body than supplements. Water is important too and not just for your hair!

I am taking a few supplements too. I am taking Flintstone vitamin gummies. (They are like gummy bears and way better than those chalky ones I had growing up.) I am also taking Phyto Phytophanere Dietary Supplement for hair and nails. You can find this here or Sephora.

It is also important to do as little damage to your hair as possible. I let my hair air-dry whenever possible. I wash my hair every two or three days. I use as little product as possible. I use a wide-tooth comb with an Aveeno detangler.

Washing my hair every two or three days is possible for me and probably you too. First thing, don't touch your hair every two seconds. Use as little product as possible. And dry shampoo is your friend! If your hair looks too greasy/dirty spray some of it in. It dries up the oils. I love not having to do my hair everyday and it keeps it healthier.

Do you have any hair secrets to share? I would love to know!


I forgot to include that I get regular "trims" to keep my hair growing, as well!

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  1. I cannot afford the phyto vitamins so I take the hair skin and nail from walmart ($7) with L-Lysine and L-cystein and this is the first time in my life I can actually tell that my hair is growing.