November 5, 2010

City Buses and Friday! :)

It is Friday and I am worn out!

Yesterday I dropped my car off to get the oil changed and have everything checked over! (Cars scare me and I freak about anything.) So I had to take the city bus from the mall to campus. I die. It took over thirty minutes. Then after class all-day followed by a meeting, I finally got to head home! That took more like forty-five minutes. This guy thought he was superman with the hand straps. I wish I snapped a picture! I eventually made it to pick-up my car. It made for the worlds longest day. I'm pretty sure I will avoid city buses at all cost moving forward.

This weekend we play Vanderbilt! Praying the Gators can pull out another win!

Thursday (next week!) is Veteran's Day. I'm hightailing it out of town Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday late morning. I need a break from here for my sanity!

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!


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