October 26, 2010

Frances Fleece

I am always looking for great jackets and sweaters. In Florida, there is little need for a big, puffy jacket. I love ones that are thin and lightweight. I normally throw one on over tee-shirts, even in the summer. Its not that I am really cold, but I like a little something over my arms, especially in class.

That's were Lilly Pulitzer comes into play. I recently picked up this little beauty and I love it. My only wish? If it zipped all-the-way.  

I love that it is printed. It is a performance micro fleece. So warm but not bulky. I highly recommend you look at this piece next time your in-store!  Of course, my favorite Lilly Pulitzer via shop, The Colorful Gator,  has them in stock. Check the website or come in and visit, if you are in the area. 

Seventy-eight dollars might seem a little much, but the solid one is a little less. The Lilly Pulitzer active wear is produced by Nike. It is that same material they use on their pieces.


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