October 22, 2010

Friday = Weekend = PTL

Praise the Lord my biochem exam is over. I went the entire day without eating and I was struggling at the end. I was so wrapped up in studying and then a lecture, time just got away. It (exam and not eating) was brutal!

This is going to be a low-key weekend and I need it. I have a few more Halloween decorations to put up. And I am going to make these cupcakes (they are amazing!) from my friend at Living in Lilly.

It is bye-week here and Lord knows they need it. I love my Gators, but honestly, football isn't our thing this year. Losing and underperforming seems to run in my educational career though. My senior year of high school, I think we won two games. And this senior year isn't looking too pretty either. This season has proved that anything can happen in the SEC. I hope this bye-week provides the team with much needed rest, refocusing and regrouping. 

I heard about a corn maze here in-town this week. I've never been to one and it looks like fun. I might go this weekend, but the weather will play a big factor in that decision. 

I hope ya'll have a nice and relaxing weekend. See you Monday! 


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