June 3, 2010


It was way back in March, when I was home on Spring Break that the Spring/Summer L.L.Bean catalog arrived in the mail. On the cover was this beautiful tote bag perfect for spending days on the beach or going to the pool or even just because I love tote bags and believe you can never have too many.

From L.L.Bean

There was even a special price to order two. (I thought I would surprise someone with one!) AND, there was a ten dollar gift card for future use! So I jumped on this and order quickly. But apparently I didn't order quick enough, as they were already backordered on L.L.Bean's website. Darn. I. REALLY. wanted. this. tote. So what did I do? I ordered it anyway but it wasn't supposed to ship until June. Sadly, you can no longer order this tote - it is completely sold out! I have been waiting for this tote for over two months. Please L.L.Bean, ship it soon! I can't wait to use it! I get giddy just looking at it. I mean it is pink & green.

xxoo, Jones

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