July 21, 2010

iPad Help

I have recently been debating purchasing an iPad. I think they are a great product. Some people describe them as a glorified iPhone but I think they are can do much more.

Here are some things that I think are great about them. As a college student, I would love to purchase e-book subscriptions so I can have my textbooks at my disposal whenever, wherever, without toting around many HEAVY books. I have considered the Barnes and Noble Nook and the Amazon Kindle, but I think the iPad suits my uses more. I LOVE the big screen and that I can do more than read books. I can use it as a digital picture frame. They are super portable and I can do work on the road (that is, if someone else drives!).

Of course, if I am getting one of these bad boys, I need it to have the 3G capabilities. Otherwise, I don't see the point because I could only use it at Wi-Fi hotspots. So that just increased the price. I also need to determine what size. I have an 8GB iTouch, that I am no where close to filling. I have also had other iPods over the years that I haven't managed to fill. But I will be putting much larger files on this. I'm thinking the 32GB but maybe I need the 64GB.

When the iPads were first launched, I said I was waiting for the second generation, seeing as Apple releases a second one fairly soon after the first. But now I am envious, and I WANT. But should I wait?

I need your help! If you have an iPad or know anyone that does send them my way.

xxoo, Jones


  1. I know a lot of people that have them and they LOOOOVEEEEE them. I say go for it, everything I'm hearing in my world (through my company) says the Wifi + 3G models are the most current and will be around for a while before any newer generations are announced. I would love to have one, they are amazing! xxoxox

  2. Go for it!! The thought has crossed my mind to get the kids one {to take places} or maybe just for me:) Nonetheless....I have played with them & love it!!