May 25, 2010


Have you heard about the amazing Lilly Pulitzer sales going on this weekend? Well let me fill you in on the best one! Meet The Colorful Gator's Great Memorial Day Match sale! They will match any sale out there. This includes the tiered promotions, percentages off, or dollar amounts off. Simply tell them the promotion and they will match it. Shopping online? No problem! Before you complete your purchase there is a comment section. Fill-in the comment section with the best promotion you saw and they will apply the discount when your order is fulfilled. They also offer free shipping on purchases of $100 or more. This sale is just in time for Father's day and the Fourth of July. So ladies, its time to get shopping.

So what should you purchase! You are just in luck because I have some great suggestions. Have you ever tried on the Gloria Pants? They are amazing. You can dress them up or dress them down. These pants are great for running errands while still looking fabulous. Or wear them for a dinner date. You are sure to be comfortable in them. While you cannot see the detail in these, there is pink near the frogs. This is one way to style them; going to class.

Or how about the Lola Dress? This is another great dress and it has pockets! It has a great fit and I really love the shoulder straps. It seems like most summer dresses are strapless.


Another great classic piece, is the Roslyn skirt! It is a great length, appropriate for work, church and just because. The Roslyn comes in multiple prints and each has unique lace detailing. One of the newest prints and a favorite is Lilly Pad. The frogs are just adorable and the lighter coloring as well as the quiet print is great.


My last favorite (for today!) is the Katia Knit Wrap. This is one of the most versatile pieces and the price point is amazing. Wear this wrap on cool summer nights, when you're feeling sick (it is sure to make you smile!), or just to keep a little warm. I cannot wait to buy this piece.


So ladies, search high and low for the best deal and visit The Colorful Gator! Let me know what you purchase this weekend! Happy Shopping!

xxoo, Jones

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