May 23, 2010

Inaugural Post

Hi Blog-World! This is my first post here and what an exciting time to have my blog up and running! On Saturday, Lilly P. offered a great gift with purchase at an amazing price point, $250. I picked up a cooler but a little birdie told me some stores had wine sleeves and beach towels. I love my cooler, but a beach towel would have been great.
Did you pick up your cooler or were you one of the lucky few who snagged a  beach towel?  What were your purchases? I would love to know your thoughts of the current Summer line!

This blog will mainly consist of my Lilly Pulitzer favorites and reviews, polyvores, and an occasional giveaway. While I absolutely love Lilly, I will also post about others. Please e-mail me with your thoughts and suggestions as well as what you would like to see. I will also update you with my favorite blogs. And sales! When I find a great sale, I will be sure to notify you. I love to troll all the websites.

xxoo, Jones

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