April 26, 2013

Friday Five

1. VIB Status! Did anyone else take advantage of the Sephora sale last week? I finally organized mine and my moms order and what perfect timing! I am always so pleased with their customer service and shipping-- its always so fast! My last order sent me in to VIB status, weeee!

2. Week one of our kitchen remodel is coming to a close. This is from the first day, since all of the cabinets have been delivered, but we are waiting on the electrician for them to be officially installed. I will be so happy when this is over!

3. Well the countdown is on! 7 weeks until one of my best friends wedding! I guess that means its time to kick the healthy eating and spin in to high gear!

4. It was administrative professional day on Wednesday. I suppose in a way I might be an administrative professional but I don't really have a specific job title, although that will be changing soonish. My boss sent each of us a beautiful arrangement of roses. This one opened up so beautifully Thursday morning!

5. Part of my job allows me to see pictures of the homes being listed in the MLS in our area. I saw this table in one of them and I've been obsessed since. I haven't noticed anything similar before. I'm dying to know where it is from. Isn't it pretty?!

Happy Friday!!

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