June 8, 2011

Breakfast Visitors

This morning, right after breakfast, my sister was standing in the living room when she saw a manatee hanging out by our dock. So obviously I grabbed my camera and ran out. The poor pups were locked inside because they are babies HATE the dock and stand there and bark. They actually stepped off the dock when they were puppies during a hurricane as we were experiencing very high tides.

This is when I first got outside. I didn't use the zoom on this picture. Literally right next to the dock!

Here you can see the baby manatee! I missed the perfect picture when they were next to our dock. I was messing with the camera settings when the baby came to the surface!

 This is a picture from a few weeks ago at dinner. The family of dolphins, all nicknamed Flipper, were swimming in. It looked like they were on their way home.

I am so blessed to call this place home! Growing up I saw so much sea life because of my Dad and where we live. Once there was a pregnant male seahorse attached to the bait bucket. My Dad is always observant and noticed him so my sister and I saw a pregnant seahorse up close and personal!


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