June 1, 2011

February to May Wrap-up!

The last time I posted was February 15th. Holy cow! And so much has happened since I last updated. 

School became hectic but I graduated May 1st and am now a UF alumna. Spring break and Easter where somewhere in there too. Dietetic matches were also released. Post graduation included packing and moving, fun at the yacht club and taking it easy. After a few days I cracked open the GRE books and crammed studied. The GRE is required for a Medical Masters program I am considering. The English section killed me and I didn't do as well as I hoped. Now I am waiting to see where I stand. Now it is time to open up the DAT prep books again and really start studying, not cramming, since this is my career goal. The applications opened today, so it is time to get serious! 

Graduation was wonderful! But I was sad to bid farewell to my friends. My family and and second family showered me with fabulous gifts. My best friend/adopted/second sister listened to me every time I rambled on and on about a brick in front of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. They had to call my mother and make sure she didn't order one because they were. My sister had a Longchamp navy duffle monogrammed and gave me this Lodis wallet full of gift cards. My grandma gifted me a trip to anywhere and additional Exxon/Mobil stock. I am in LOVE with my Mom's gift. I spotted this gorgeous diamond and white gold key necklace while Christmas shopping for my sister. My Mom had me completely tricked. At Christmas  she gave my ball earrings from the same store and since forgot about the necklace, until I opened it up. I was ecstatic. I know keys are in right now, but this piece of jewelry is timeless. 

And this was my cap! (Those might look like rhinestones but they are pearls!) It was so me and I have to thank kt janes of Tampa, Florida for the monogram and their superb customer service. I was so late in ordering but she made it as soon as we hung up and overnighted it to me! 

I've been walking this sweet boy every night. He now expects his walk and whines waits at the front door in the evenings. He looked like he put on a few pounds while I was at school so I'm kicking his butt into shape. The exercise is good for me too by keeping my blood glucose lower without insulin. We are walking at least two miles nearly every night. 

I plan to blog more often, not daily but a couple times a week. I'm sure there is so much more I can add to this post, but I'm running for now! 


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  1. You've been busy, but so much has happened! A belated congrats to you for all that you've accomplished!!!