June 3, 2011

Oh Louis

I am currently debating the pros and cons of purchasing this little baby...

We're talking a grand here. You know, just some change... My Mom says it investment piece, which it is, but I WANT it and know I don't NEED it. 

What do you think?

Happy Friday! 



  1. I decided against getting one, for now. The style I want still isn't available anyway, but I've bought "investment" bags before that are now collecting dust in my closet. I think it's just me though, I enjoy buying clothes more than shoes and bags. I can always get one later when I get a job and have more $$. Plus, it's annoying that there are SO MANY LV FAKES!

  2. As gorgeous as it is and as badly as I want an LV, I know my husband would shoot me if I paid that much for a bag. Shoot, our mortgage payment isn't much more than the retail price of that bag!

    I say think about it before you take the leap. It's def an investment piece and it's also classic and not something that won't be trendy in a few years.

  3. I bought this exact bag a few months ago. I had the speedy and I was wearing that a lot and I've always wanted this one so I got it. Yes it was a lot of money for a recent college grad, but I figure I have a very good job and soon enough I will get married and I will have to consult him to make such a large purchase. I also wear it almost everyday and I'm able to take it on work trips and it's a great travel purse. I'm sure I will wear it for years to come and like your mom said it's 'an investment piece'. It was worth it for me and if you have the means then I say go for it!

  4. Good choice! :) You should get it! I want to splurge on an LV soon..I either want this one of the trevvi. The top handle ones are overrated haha.