June 29, 2011

6/21: When Blogger didn't Cooperate

June 21, 2011 was National Wear Your Lilly Day. Of course I participated and I tried to blog about it in the morning, but Blogger was not cooperating with me. So I wanted to post my outfit anyways, even though a week has since passed.

I headed to the Yacht club midday with a friend. We headed out early, enjoyed lunch and drinks, spent some time laying out and hopped in the pool. And here is what I wore (I actually wore a print from last summer, but I recently purchased this one too and a matching cover up):

My skin sure wasn't happy post-yacht club. I'm not sure what happened other than my sunscreen was splotchy. I actually had a hand print around my knee and streaks on the top of my legs. I did reapply so I must be terrible with the sprays. I tried the new Neutrogena Wet Skin and used a Neturogena Ultra Sheer on my skin. I also had a hat and sunglasses so my face was extra protected. 

Of course, pictures linked to respective sources. 


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